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Specialist obstetrician

Obstetric Consultations

A consultation with an Obstetrician may be needed for several reasons. Any condition that may potentially affect the outcome of pregnancy should have an obstetric review to ensure optimal management. This may be because of a pre-existing medical or genetic condition or a complication that may arise in pregnancy such as pregnancy related hypertension or breech presentation. A previous pregnancy could have been complicated and you may need an obstetric opinion to manage this pregnancy. 

We have the specialists available to evaluate your pregnancy and provide you with individualised consultations for you and your baby.

There are many reasons you may need a consultation with an Obstetrician. Despite optimal care preconceptually and during pregnancy, complications can arise which are out of your control. Sometimes these are confusing, and emotional.  It is important that you have someone who is familiar with the minor to the complex problems women face in pregnancy to guide you through this in able to get the safest possible outcome for both you and baby. 


It is important to have the option of services such as a preconceptual consultation, or a fetal medicine opinion. Dr Marlow is avaliable on site by appointment and is happy to provide personalised consultations for you and your baby.

Fetal Medicine Consultations

It can be scary to think something could be wrong with your baby. An ultrasound could raise a potential problem with baby.  You may have a family history of  a genetic abnormality or you may have had a previous baby with a medical problem. As specialists in Fetal Medicine we can confidently give you the diagnosis and information that you need to manage the pregnancy.

For information about Specialist consultation with Dr Marlow  please visit Wellington Obstetrics ,

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Fetal Medicine Consultations
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