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Obstetric Ultrasound

Early pregnancy scan 5-11 weeks

Early ultrasound scans establish the correct due dates for the pregnancy, and can assess the wellbeing of the baby if there is any early bleeding or pain. 

This scan allows us to identify multiple pregnancies as well as some early pregnancy complications.

First Trimester Screening or Nuchal Translucency (NT)

  11-13+6 weeks

Nuchal translucency is a measurement of fluid behind the baby's neck that is present in all babies during the first trimester of pregnancy.

It is a non-invasive screening tool to determine how likely your unborn baby will have a chromosomal abnormality such as Down syndrome or  structural problem.

Our staff are specially trained and audited through the Fetal Medicine Foundation to undertake this examination using very specific guidelines.

The scan time is around 30 minutes

Anatomy scan 19-21 weeks

Some birth defects cannot be diagnosed early in pregnancy, but most can be picked up at this latter scan. Fortunately, these defects are rare.


It can be distressing to discover something maybe wrong with your baby, but the team at Wellington Ultrasound can provide accurate diagnoses and counselling if this should be the case for your baby. Early diagnosis can direct management and antenatal care to ensure the best outcome for your baby and family. 


The scan time is about 40 minutes.


Growth scan

Growth scans allow us track how your baby is growing. Intervention maybe necessary to ensure baby born at the optimum time, and in the best possible condition.


Specialised scans can evaluate your risk of having a baby that is small. Baby's presentation is also confirmed.

​The placental function, placental placement, level of amniotic fluid and a review of fetal structures are also undertaken during this scan.

Tertiary level scan

There are several reasons why you may be referred for a tertiary level scan.

You may have had an examination at another centre and the report suggest tertiary referral. Other reasons may include maternal medical conditions, maternal medication or previous pregnancy complications.  

Your Doctor or Maternity Carer may feel that the findings require a review by an obstetrician who has subspecialised in the diagnosis and obstetric management of specific maternal and fetal medical conditions. 

3D/4D Scanning

Having a sneak preview of baby is a magical moment.

This is a specialised procedure and can only be performed in the optimal conditions.


If baby is not facing in the right direction or is cuddling their placenta a picture may not be able to be obtained.


The chance of obtaining that special picture is maximised with the assistance of an ultrasound machine highly specialised for pregnancy imaging.

Talk to our team about adding this service onto a diagnostic scan.

Please call us for urgent bookings

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